Worship Bulliten for January 20


Minister: All baptized people of God

Music and Choir Director: Josh Reyes

Liturgist: ___________              

Song Leader: ___________      

Preachers: Rev. Brett Stuvland, Consorcia Sanchez

Greeters: _______

Scripture Reader: Kay Rich


Prelude                                                                           Josh Reyes


Welcome Words                                                           Jayne Nichols


###Opening Songs

            “I’m Gonna Sing When The Spirit Says Sing” V.1,3,4     UMH #333

            “Lift Every Voice and Sing:   V.1 & 3                   UMH #519


###Call to Worship                                                    

Leader: God, your steadfast, never–giving-up love is so huge that it

            fills the heavens.

People: Your faithfulness is so vast that it rises to the clouds.

Leader: Under your loving wings, we find comfort and refuge.

People: In your house of love, we sit around the table feasting.

Leader: Your life and love are like a fountain in our lives.

People: You are the love-filled Light that allows us to see and


ALL:     O God, your faithful love is precious to us.


Prayer Song   “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent”        V. 2            UMH #626

Pastoral Prayer                                                  Pastor Brett Stuvland

The Lord’s Prayer


Passing the Peace of Christ


First Scripture Reading      1 Corinthians 12: 1-11            Kay Rich

The Aloha Chancel Choir

                                                       Josh Reyes, Director/Accompanist


Second Scripture Reading               John 2:1-11     Kay Rich


Time for Children, Youth and the Young at Heart Consorcia

The Message       Many Gifts, One Spirit      Pastor Brett Stuvland


Respond to the Word   “Lord, Speak to Me” V. 4 & 5     UMH #463





###Dedication of the Offering                     Pastor Brett Stuvland

Because of your generosity to us, God of love we have courage to be generous. Bless our gifts. May they bring acts of generous love to make it clear that your love extends beyond the doors of this house. The entire cosmos is your house of love. Amen.


###Closing Hymn     “Forward Through the Ages” V. 1,2 UMH #555


###Benediction                                                   Pastor Brett Stuvland         

Postlude: Josh Reyes

            Please remain seated until the end of the music.


Everyone is invited to the social hall for coffee, snacks and fellowship.


###Stand as you are able








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